Photographing Fredau And Fun In The Sun


Fredau 2014 shoot

Last year I photographed a superb model by the name of Fredau Wallace and so enjoyed the experience I expressed my desire to photograph her on her next visit to the U.K. luckily she agreed 🙂

That was almost 12 months ago…. but after lots of emails and organisation the wait was so worth it – I had 2 days of joy photographing this beautiful woman.


Fredau-languishing            Fredau8



Here are a few pictures from the shoot (unedited) – I photographed her in my home and then at the beach,  I decided that a beach shoot would be great fun and as I had never attempted out door Fine Art Nude photography I was very scared…. but I needn’t of worried as Fredau was a true professional.

Fredau4       Fredau7     Fredau3




It was also a joy to see her wearing the costumes I put together for the recent manor house costume shoot and she looked equally as stunning as the models who wore them first. The costumes took me many hours to put together – sourcing the items and then sewing on the various bit and pieces but in the end it was very much worth all of the pricked fingers 🙂


Fun-With-Fredau-1                Fredau-2    Fredau10

I will definitely be using these and all of the other wigs and costumes again very soon


Fredau was also part of an organised shoot where a number of other photographers had an opportunity to photograph her – I have seen a few of the resulting pictures and they are stunning (in my humble opinion).


I will be organising more photoshoots and workshops in the coming months  – if you would like to find out more please message me via the contact form below




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