Dare To Share?

From a very early age I was taught to share – even though we had nothing and this need to share has never left me.

When I visit camera clubs to do may presentations I am regularly thanked for sharing my “knowledge” and people often say that they are surprised I am so open as to how I “do things”. I have lost count of the number of people who tell me that so and so at their club knows how to do something to a high standard but when asked how they did it will say “oh, I’ve forgetting how I did that…. I did it a long time ago”… or similar statements.

Whether it be camera settings, what lighting was used, how a picture was constructed or even the name of the model featured in the photograph, many people will keep this information closely guarded.

In some ways I understand. If you have taken the time and trouble to learn something (especially if you have paid for that information) does it sit comfortably to then pass on that newly gleaned information to others ? I have heard people say “I had to learn how to do such and such a thing so everyone else should do the same and find out for themselves……why should I teach them”. I also understand that for some people telling others how they (for example) put their picture together might help others to “beat them in the monthly comps” – I have heard this reason for not helping others time and time again, I have also had personal experience of that particular mind set when the person involved would always shrug and smile when asked how they had created the image.

I was told a few years ago “that I was crazy” to show people how I did my textured images – I was told that I should “keep it a secret and tell no-one”. Those that know me know I didn’t take any notice of that piece of advice and there are lots and LOTS of people who have attended my workshops and those people are now producing some lovely textured images. Am I dismayed about that fact … not in the least ! I am thrilled to bits that they have embraced what I have shown them and gone off and done their own thing.

I try and help and give advise to as many people as I can – people come to my home for a one to one, I give critiques over the internet and I also run a Face Book group which is dedicated to help people be more creative. This is all done free of charge and I do it willingly in the hope that some (if not all) may benefit from the little bit of input I give them

Helping others improve is a great gift and seeing them blossom and move forward is a wonderful thing and I for one throughly recommend it.


… and the leaves that were green turn to brown……

..and the leaves that were green turn to brown… a line from a Paul Simon song.

So it’s autumn and the leaves are changing colour now  and I thought I would do a digital painting to celebrate the fact.

A bit more of a a subtle digital painting this time.

The leaves WERE actually green and I HAVE turned then to brown – does that make me Mother Nature or a picture manipulator?

Thanks Mr. Simon for the inspiration.

Thanks To All The People I have Worked With In 2016 (Part 1)

It’s getting near the end of the year so I thought I would put some pictures together to record what I have been producing in 2016.

These pictures are a small collection of straight images, creative doodlings and travel pictures.

I have used Photoshop and Corel Painter to produce the images below:-

PS I did a long more “stuff” in the second half of the year !!

Reina de las Estrellas     Reina de las Flores

Vintage Steph    Stephanie


Sarah 2  Sarah 1a


twins-2b   THE GIRL V3a


cuban-cars-re-edit    Cuba Street 1


_DSC1936      Cuba 2


Inner Jellyfish    Stephanie outside 1


Cloak 1   Maelstrom

Portrait #4   Sleeping Beauty


Serendipity   Portrait Raphaella 8

Fredau 1    Raphy & leaf


Alien 1   morning-moon


trumpet-player   _DSC1906

Misuzu 4   Misuzu 1


Misuzu 2    stephanie-7




man-with-pram  jess-abstract-corel-6






Last Place Available For Fine Art Nude Workshop 3rd December

I’ve been away and haven’t had Internet access so I am reposting this…

Due to unforeseen circumstances one place has become vacant on the Fine Art Nude Workshop on the 3rd December 2016.

If you would like to take this opportunity of working with a fantastic model please contact me ASAP – it will be on a first come first served basis.

The Workshop will be held in Warrington, Cheshire



This in an example (we have a different model for the workshop) of the type of image you can expect from the workshop – it gained a Silver Medal at the 123rd Toronto International Photographic Salon

Photographic Review Of 2016 January

As it’s coming towards the end of the year I thought I would look back at the lovely models I have had the pleasure of working with this year.

I love photographing models in costume and usually make (or adapt) the dresses/corsets myself – I also make the headdresses too.

I decided that I wanted to do a set of pictures based on A Queen theme (I’ve already “done” The Ice Queen) and made the costumes to compliment that theme.

It took me many weeks to finish the costumes and the first person to grace these outfits was the very lovely Stephanie Dubois

In January I also revisited Corel Painter and began producing pictures that had a very painterly feel.








The Guild Of Photographers

I joined The Guild Of Photographers in September and entered 3 pictures into their monthly comp.

Today I have found out that I have received 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Awards so I am very pleased with that especially as they are new images.

Fredau 1






The October Image Of The Month closes soon so I had better get my skates on 🙂

Corel Painter Tutorials & Workshops

I’ve been doing a bit more “painting” today using Corel Painter & Photoshop.


A few people have asked me when am I going to do some Corel Painter Workshops… the answer is early next year.

There will be sit down face to face workshops and online tutorials, so watch this space.

Sign up for more details regarding these workshops/on line tutorials by filling in the contact form below.


The Fine Art Workshop on the 4th December was so popular (I had double the amount of people who wanted to attend)  I  added another workshop for the 3rd December.

However, this  workshop is also  fully booked, but if would like to have your name added to the “waiting list” in case someone cancels, then please send me your details via the contact form below.


This will be the final workshop for 2016 but I am planning on new workshops for 2017 – including Creative Textures, Model Shoot & Post Processing , The First Steps Into Corel Painter & the very popular Fine Art Nude Workshops.


Ariel 5

Fredau 1


If you want to be added to my email listing for these workshop and therefore be first to know about the above,  please fill in the contact form below



There is only ONE PLACE LEFT on the Fine Art Nude Workshop

The workshop will take place on the 4th December 2016 in Warrington, Cheshire and will feature a very experience model (see images).


If you have a genuine interest in being part of this workshop (there will only we a small number of attendees) please contact me as quickly as possible using the form below for more information regarding this event.

If you have already filled in a contact form but I haven’t replied, please fill the form in again please 🙂