First of all, thanks for visiting my website and hopefully reading my blog –  I hope that you will find something that appeals to you. Please subscribe to my website so that you can get all of my new images and blog.

A bit about me……

I feel that I have an artists eye and I have loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and discovering digital photography  in 1998 broadened my artistic horizons.

I enjoy the freedom the camera brings to my world and I can do more with a pixel than I could do with a paintbrush.

I organise workshops and tutorials (small groups or on a one to one own basis) and encourage people to push their own personal boundaries – whether it’s learning a new Photoshop technique, applying and using textures, painting digitally this aspect of my photographic life makes me very happy.

So, to sum up, I really enjoy blurring the boundaries of where painting and photography meet and lots of my images have a definite painterly feel – it really makes me happy if people can’t tell whether, what they are looking at, is a painting or a photograph … if they can’t, I know I have succeeded 😊

I have gained many awards (including Gold medals and Best Of Show ) in International and U.K. Exhibitions and Competitions. In 2023 one of my photographs was short listed at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition which I was extremely thrilled about.


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