Tantalising Textures Triumph !!!

Birds 1

I created a “secret group” on Facebook for those people who attended one of my Tantalising Textures workshops so that they could upload their work in private and have it critiqued – it would also be a place  where I could offer advice as and when needed

The group members took the Facebook Group to their hearts and started posting lots of images and encouraging each other (a textured support group)  – I even gave them homework…. much grumbling  by some (I think its called banter)… but it spurred them on to trying new things.

I have just received one of the attendees latest textured pictures and I have to say a big WOW.  For someone who has never really attempted this type of work before, it is absolutely fantastic and such a credit to her. She should be very pleased with how its turned out and its all her own work – from start to finish.

I am thrilled that, with a little bit of  guidance, people push their boundaries and I love being a small part of it. Helping people and giving encouragement is what its all about….. well,  I think so anyway.

I was advised by a number of people (when they found out I was organising these workshops) that I shouldn’t “give my secrets away” regarding how I did my textured pictures BUT as I pointed out to them – there are no secrets in Photoshop its all there for you to find (just ask Youtube) and what I do isn’t a secret, anybody can do it…… again, just ask Youtube !!!

To all of the people who have attended the Tantalising Textures Workshops thanks – I am proud of you all. …… keep texturing the world 🙂

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