Oh No….. Not Her Again !!!!!!

Something caught my eye just now on Facebook – it was an advert of a man demonstrating a pastry crimper and that image took me back to when I was a child…. let me elaborate.

Mum and I had very little when I was young and she worked all hours of the day to save up to take us to Blackpool for our annual 2 weeks holiday.

One year I found myself standing in front of a man in a large department store who was demonstrating a pasty cutter/crimper……. I was mesmerised. Each day (and many times a day) I would elbow myself forward to the front of the gathered crowd and watch him expertly crimp the pie and cut out dainty leaves to place on top of the crust as a delightful decoration  – I was obviously easily entertained in those days.

I stood for hours watching him and as the time went on I learned his patter ….. and quietly said it along with him. I must have driven him mad….. and all these years later I apologise to that poor man for making his life a complete misery.

Even at that age I could see his spirit and shoulders drop when he spotted my beaming face in front of him on a daily basis –  when all he was trying to do was make a crust…….. sorry, had to get that pun it !

Sadly,  our two weeks were over all too quickly and I am sure the gentleman in question hung out the bunting (if not an actual bun tin) when he realised his stalker had finally disappeared.

However, about six months later Mum booked us on day trip by coach down to London to see the Ideal Homes Exhibition (ironic really when we were trying to have a day AWAY from a less than ideal home) and as we walked round the crowded floor I heard a familiar voice……. Yes, it was HIM.

Can you imagine the sheer joy on this poor mans face when he saw his nemesis standing in front of him delivering word perfect his demonstration dialogue, I’m sure I saw a tear in his eye and perhaps the pie was crimped a little more tightly.

Needless to say Mum bought a pastry crimper…. It was the least she could do.

The Purple Barn

Channelling my inner Van Gogh again (apologies to the Master) I thought I would continue in my Purple Fields series.

This one again started out as a photograph but I messed about with it in Corel Painter and Photoshop.

Finished up with something, as far as I am concerned, a little more interesting and a lot more painterly




Camera Shy……. I Don’t Think So

I saw this quote the other day and it got me thinking… “A great photographer can make a great photograph whatever the camera. A bad one will still make a bad photograph on a four grand digital camera that does everything for you. It’s about a way of seeing, not technology.”

Over the years I have been on a number of organised shoots (usually photographing models) and been more than a little intimidated by someone (always a gentleman) with a very expensive camera. Usually they will invite everyone in the group to stroke/touch the camera, feel how heavy it is and even put it up to their eye to see through the view finder should they so desire. They stand there proudly displaying their prized possession and beam benignly as the oooos and ahhhhhhs emanate from the gathered throng who have always wanted to experience what it feels like to have such an expensive piece of kit in the hands. As I am extremely clumsy I have no desire to get to grips with said camera I always decline the offer to hold/stroke the expensive toy.

I have found that, more often than not, these fellas speak in quite loud voices about how much they have spent on their equipment, how many  older versions they have at home, how impatiently they are waiting to upgrade to the next version, what added extras they have purchased and how much they have spent (to the nearest penny) to date on their “hobby”. They know everything about the technical make up of the camera and could bore for Great Britain when it comes to f stops and hyperfocal distances. I have no interest in such technicalities so usually wander off into a corner and await the photographic session to start.

When I am in a group that includes such a person my insecurities always get the better of me and as I usually choose to go last photographing the model – it gives me the opportunity to watch how these people actually take pictures and more often than not (in my experience)  they haven’t got a clue.

I have observed that they can expertly set the various knobs and dials but they have no idea how to position the model, how to direct her, how to get the right angle etc. Instead they will just ‘snap away” and let the model “get on with it”. I have seen them wave a hand in the general direction of the model and shout “just do want you want love….. I’ll just carry on this side” Which is fine if you have been blessed with a great model who knows her angles etc but its not helpful to her or what you are trying to produce  in the long run.

Usually the next step is that we all gather around the camera (to see what it can do) and yes the subject matter is usually pin sharp but lacking in any kind of artistry or imagination.

At the end of the session I have been handed  their card which contains their website details and/or a link to their Facebook page and when I have  looked later at what they have produced I have been a bit disappointed as to what they have achieved…… did they really get those images from that camera?

Okay, it may be that I have been “unfortunate” to have been in the company of these people – and it could be that I have missed out on being around people who have top end cameras and know instinctively how to get the best out of them both technically and artistically, I am 100% sure there are loads of them about…. its just I have never been in their company.

So as far as I am concerned I agree with the above quote  ‘A great photographer can make a great photograph whatever the camera. A bad one will still make a bad photograph on a four grand digital camera that does everything for you. It’s about a way of seeing, not technology.”

Finalist Of The Year – The Guild Of Photographer

I am GOBSMACKED !!! I am a finalist !!!
I have just received an email informing me that 3 of my images have been chosen to be in the final of The Guild Of Photographers Image Of The Year 2017.
I quote from the email….
“From the thousands of stunning entries into the Image of the Month competition throughout 2017, the Judges have selected just 12 images in each genre to be short listed as Finalists in the Image of the Year Competition.
We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected as a Finalist with two images in the Creative and Digital genre.
To reach the final is clearly a remarkable achievement when you consider the number of entries we have had and the tremendously high standards we have witnessed all year!”
I have also had another image chosen in the Avant-Garde Portraiture genre.
This means SO MUCH to me because I didn’t  enter the competition, I didn’t even know that images were being judged let alone know there would be finalists.
These judges don’t know me or anything about me,  they have no idea about what I have produced over the years, they don’t care what club I belong (or belonged) to, they don’t know whether I am a professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur… which I am obviously the latter, they just judged the pictures on its own merit and WOW is that just fantastic…. well it is to me.
The Image Of The Year will be judged in December and I can honestly say I don’t think I stand a chance … especially against the professional photographers who probably grace the finalist list too.
What a lovely end to the year 🙂

The Young Ones – Darling we’re NOT the Young Ones


If you know who sang that song and you can whistle it, this blog may resonate with you.

When I do my presentations at camera clubs or attend photographic competitions around the country I look round the audience and in the main the hall/room is graced by people (mainly gentlemen) of a certain age. I lump myself into that category – except that I am lady of a certain age not  a gentleman- just had a birthday too, so definitely well over THAT particular hill.

So for a long time now I have wondered why aren’t the younger generation coming to the various clubs, what is preventing them from attending? Are they a generation of Snapchatters, Instagramers, mobile phone snappers, selfie stick wavers and who don’t own (and have no desire  to own)  a “proper” camera? Do they want instant gratification and can’t be bothered learning how to compose a photograph or learn Photoshop (I know a lot of experienced photographers who kick against that particular aspect… referring to Photoshop if you haven’t already guessed). Are the various weekly speakers at the camera clubs of no interest to them? I know that my particular heart sinks when the speaker brings in his (usually his) slides or starts the talk off with ‘ I’ve not embraced the digital age yet”. I know for other people slides and pictures “straight out of the camera” would have them queuing at the club door……. but would that kind of presentation draw in a younger audience?

Although I did a little bit of photography and dark room developing when I was just leaving school (back in the day you couldn’t leave school straight after you finished your exams you had to stay on to the bitter end) so they let us loose in the dark room – their mistake….. but that’s another story. So I came to photography late in life via the digital age.

How do other clubs entice the young folk into their clubs? What do they do to encourage them and how do they get that message out? Do the younger people attend for a couple of evenings and then drift away? I think we, as a photographic family, should try and work this one out before we all drop off the perch and have nothing to hand down to the next generation. And (never start a sentence with and) if you have the answer please let us all know.


Being Creative On A Cold Afternoon

What to do when its cold, wet and dismal outside????   Do something creative ?

I love putting images together for no other reason than a) it makes me happy  b) it takes up a little time on a cold wet afternoon c) I love to see what emerges from a blank screen when I just mess about putting bits and pieces of images together

Should make a nice print 🙂





The first set of 2018 Calendars featuring images that I have created this year has now totally sold out.

I sold the last of the printed Calendars at the weekend at the event I attended and also had a number of orders from people who were at the presentation (but who were not quick enough to nab one of the calendars for sale).

These have now been dispatched.

So, I am in the middle of another print run

I print the calendars  myself using high quality Permajet Paper and Ultra Chrome HD ink

The featured images can be saved and framed if you want to have them as wall art after the calendar has done its job.

You can purchase a calendar  via eBay…. if you are interested

Here is the link