A View From The Balcony (PAGB Inter-Club Print Championship)

Yesterday I attended the PAGB Inter-Club Print Championship and I have to say that the prints being judged were of an exceptionally high standard, some of them were simply stunning. Obviously, what I am going to say next is my own personal view of the day…. you may, if you attended, have viewed things differently.

The whole event was, as usual, extremely well organised and my virtual hat goes off to all involved, you did an excellent job, and thank you The planned schedule ran to time – again, due to the fantastic planning of the organisers. The venue was good, plenty of parking, it was warm and the sound system worked well. I understand there were a few minor grumbles about space when the various clubs needed to spread out to review their re-selections at lunch time … but I personally didn’t hear anyone complaining too bitterly. Having the images projected on a large screen is such a great idea and it enabled everyone to see what the judges were viewing and marking. The organisers, it seemed, had a few last minute hiccoughs to cope with but they dealt with those problems extremely efficiently. The raffle prizes were plentiful and my two friends sitting next to me (husband and wife combo) seemed to scoop more than their fair share of goodies – your banned from buying raffle tickets next time !

The judges appeared to favour very pastel shade images for their higher marks (plenty of 15’s) they were mostly minimal in structure and were different genres – snowy vistas, rolling hills, people, nature etc and to my eyes they were exquisite. There were lots of beautiful landscapes that also gained the highest of marks along with some stunning nature shots. There didn’t seem to be many overtly creative images (not referring to the pale pastel shaded images here) and those that were offered up for judging didn’t seem to attract the high marks the authors may have been aiming for. For those people who constantly grumble that creative images “always” win and landscapes are “not in fashion” then you needed to have been there yesterday because there were some exquisite landscapes that deservedly scored well.

On a personal note it was lovely to meet up with old friends from all around the country (and across the water) and chat with them – if I didn’t get round to chatting to you I apologise, hopefully I gave you a friendly wave from the balcony (where I was seated). I have been fortunate to become good friends (and I mean friends) with a number of people I have met through the wonderful world of photography and I am so pleased that I have had the opportunity of getting to know you. So, to all my photograph friends I hope you had a wonderful day and that your club did well, my club (Warrington PS) did well especially as its only the second time they have qualified for the competition. For those people who attended yesterday and are still trying to swallow their own personal “bitter pill” it’s time to grow up and get a life – deliberately ignoring people and bad mouthing others is not a healthy way to live.

Here’s to next year


2 responses to “A View From The Balcony (PAGB Inter-Club Print Championship)

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  2. Well written I wasnt able to attend but I fully agree with your sentiments. I also agree tht I friends all over the country thanks ot photography.


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