What Happens On One Of My Studio Shoots?

People often ask about my studio shoots and what happens on them…. so I will try and explain a little about what to expect.
I had a studio shoot this weekend with the very beautiful Carla Monaco and there were 4 x two hour sessions over 2 days (I also had a one to one session with Carla too)
When I announced the shoot  a few weeks ago  it was sold out in less than 30 seconds – which is a testament to how wonderful Carla is to work with. I have a private Facebook Group where I make my announcements about workshops/studio shoots and those who are part of that group get the first chance of booking onto the workshops/shoots.  I seldom have chance to announce them more widely because they are usually sold out very quickly. The Facebook Groups is called Cre8ing Images Workshops – by JoanieB
I suggest the lighting set up in the studio, but the final decision as to their arrangement is left to the attendees and they are free to stand where they want to and shoot at angles that are comfortable for them.
I ensure that the models costume is hanging neatly and that there are no hems/labels/straps etc showing which the photographer hasn’t spotted. I also make sure that the model’s hair is looking great and there isn’t a stray curl/strand standing out at an odd angle. I aim to be the photographers “other” set of eyes and try and spot something that they might have missed. I know how frustrating it is to have not spotted the obvious until you got home and see it in all its glory on your PC.
The attendees are free to choose which costume the model wears – I have lots and lots and LOTS of beautiful dresses to choose from and in a 2 hour session  there is an opportunity for a number of costume changes.
I have boxes/drawers full of props so the attendees are encouraged to choose something that catches their eye to enhance their personal shot.I try and ensure that the prop is not used in the same way with the other attendees. The photographers are also encouraged to bring their own costumes or accessories for the model to wear and as long as they are sensible and decent we can work with them.
I will help with positioning the model if the photographer is struggling with composition and, if the photographer forgets (or is too nervous) to talk to the model, I will help with the direction. Help being the important word here – I don’t position the model and then invite everyone to take that shot. I help, if help is needed, but if the photographer is very confident I will drop into the role of assistant.
I try to ensure that everyone goes home with a fantastic set of images and that their images are not the same as everyone else’s – this is done by frequently changing the props, costumes and model stances. On the 4 sessions this weekend I made sure that every group photographed Carla in a different costume. So for example group 1’s images are completely different to the other groups who attended afterwards and it was the same for each subsequent group who attended.
Also, I don’t take photographs during the attendees sessions, even though I could weep when I see some of the images that the attendees are getting – they are usually stunning (and I wish they were mine) , but they are not my pictures, they have been constructed by the photographer standing in front of the model and I personally feel that it’s unfair to take the same shot. My job, as I see it, is  to ensure that the attendees get the best possible pictures on the day. I could ask to take the same photo, but personally speaking I am not comfortable doing that, but that’s just the way I am. I have been on many workshops/shoots over the years where the person running the shoot is more interested in getting their own set of pictures (to the point of pushing paying attendees aside so they can get the best shot) rather than helping those who have paid to go on the shoot (I am thinking particularly of a photographic workshop I attended in Italy which was horrific for a number of reasons – but I’ll keep that for another day!! )
I look after the model and ensure that she (or he) is fed and watered and that they get sufficient comfort breaks and even some of my homemade tomato soup !
Soooo, If you are interested in any of my upcoming studio shoots or you are a model who would like to work with me, please get in touch. Why not fill in the contact form below so I know you are interested.

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