Happy Snappy – Travels With My New Camera :-)

Those that know me know I am a Nikon lover but recently I decided that I needed (well, to be truly honest didn’t really need but wanted) a small compact camera which I can take on an upcoming trip to New York.
Here was my check list
  • Small enough to put into a pocket
  • No messing about changing lenses
  • Something that didn’t draw attention
  • Must be able to deliver high quality images
  • Must be able to handle all light conditions
But, which camera to choose…….?
After doing lots of research on the Internet and listening to a number of friends advising me that THEIR recent compact camera purchase was the best thing since sliced bread, I decided on the Sony Cyber Shot DSC RX100 iii.  The funny thing is that nobody told me about this camera until I bought one and then guess what……. Lots of people contacted me to say that they had one too ( why didn’t they tell me in the first place – would have saved me lots of time on the Internet)
To say that I am blown away by the results I am getting from this Sony is an understatement, I am truly staggered by the performance of this tiny camera.
Don’t get me wrong, I am still a Nikon “girl” at heart and I would wrestle you to the ground if you tried to take my D3x away from me  – but this little Sony has got me hooked. It performs in all lighting situations and with a Zeiss 1.8 it has proved to be a very fast lens indeed – I know this is beginning to sound like an advertisement for Sony but honestly it’s not.  
As I have a passion for travel and photography I have decided that these two themes will dominate my blogs so as I take my first teetering steps into the beautiful –  but bewildering world of blogging I would like to introduce my two companions – the tiny, but stunning Sony DSC RX100iii (AKA Snappy) and the truly wonderful Nikon D3x.
Even though I am deeply impressed by my new tiny Sony camera I totally realise that it has it’s limitations. For example I probably wouldn’t be able to use it for certain nature shots or for my studio work but……for everyday, walking around, don’t know what you might spot kinda days it’s easy to pop it into a pocket and be ready if something catches the eye.
I think someone said to me once that the best camera in the world was the one that you had with you when you needed to take a picture!
So for my first real blog I will be sharing two of the very first pictures I took with Snappy (they were trial shots) on a recent trip  to North Carolina to visit with my new photographic chum and fellow cat lover Marie Otero- we had a fantastic time…. more pictures to follow..
 Sunflower 1           Max

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