First Days In North Carolina

Recently, I had a wonderful trip to North Carolina to visit my photographic chum Marie Otero and what a trip it was !

I have never visited that part of the USA before and found it to be absolutely fantastic –  the people were delightful, dare I say AWESOME?  Marie and her husband (and cats) were wonderful hosts and Marie and I found we had so much in common it was totally mind blowing. The only thing that was completely different was that Marie was an night owl and I am an early bird but that said we had plenty of time to play. We shared the same love of photography, enjoyed creating painterly images and laughed at the same things (can’t tell you what though !!!)

Marie organised a very full on schedule and we started off by photographing Bree in Studio 51 and Amy Jo at Marie’s home/studio.  Both models were great fun and were a joy to photograph.

I have been soooo busy since I got back I haven’t had time to really look at the pictures from the various shoots…… until now. Here are a couple of pictures featuring both of the models I mentioned above (Bree and Amy Jo) and as I process more pictures I will upload them for you to have a sneaky peek at.

Bree Bree Amy Jo Amy Jo

Incidentally, we went to an American Bar & Grill in Statesville and had a wonderful lunch including Dill Chips – which turned out to be dill pickle thinly sliced and then dipped in batter and deep fried. Now I know you are probably saying yuk but….. my goodness they really were sensational !!!

Dill Chips

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