I’ve decided to have a little give away to anyone who likes textures and tags :

So here are the FREEBIES for you to have a look at – see below

Ideal for photographic backgrounds and your arts and crafts projects

Go to my website butterflysmind and click the tab PRINT SALES AND TEXTURES and then click on the drop down entitled TEXTURES – you will find the FREEBIES there

Enjoy x

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Breaking The Rules

I love creating pictures that “break the rules”

I was told that (in competition) judges don’t like green and they don’t like the subject matter placed slap bang in the middle of the picture.

This one breaks both of those rules and it has been very successful in competition.

Are you are a rule breaker?? I would love to see your examples of a successful image that doesn’t conform to the conventional set…….


Little Girl Blue

Todays bit of surrealist fun is another of my colourised vintage photographs – with bits and pieces added from my own personal photographic collection.

Planning a whole series of this type of image – for no other reason than enjoying being creative 🙂



Back To The Past

Well, it’s a long time since I put together a composite picture and an even longer time since this lady had an airing.

Very dark image for me and absolutely no green anywhere 🙂

Not doing very much in the way of producing images for competitions these day …but need to keep my compositing “skills” going…. thus this new image


… and the leaves that were green turn to brown……

..and the leaves that were green turn to brown… a line from a Paul Simon song.

So it’s autumn and the leaves are changing colour now  and I thought I would do a digital painting to celebrate the fact.

A bit more of a a subtle digital painting this time.

The leaves WERE actually green and I HAVE turned then to brown – does that make me Mother Nature or a picture manipulator?

Thanks Mr. Simon for the inspiration.

Digital Painting Of Back Streets Of Venice

Today’s digital painting, this time the backstreets of Venice.

Yes it started as a photograph and if it had stayed that way, I would suggest, it would have been as exactly the same as everyone else’s picture who stood in the same spot as I did.

Some people get hot under the collar when someone “messes” with a photograph (it’s not proper photography) – but I applaud those who do – go for it, do more, push those boundaries !

We are making art for the 21st Century


First Tantalising Textures Workshop

bluebell 1


Well,  the first (hopefully of many) Tantalising Textures Workshops took place yesterday and I have to say that it was a pleasure to work with the people who attended.


It was lovely to take everyone step by step through the various stages – from finding and  photographing the textures (who knew they were so close to the house !) to changing the look and colour of them. By changing the colours and overlaying one texture onto another it enabled everyone to add to to the variety of textures and colours that could be used in future images.


There were also a selection of still life objects from which to choose and it was interesting to see who went for what – I think eventually everyone got to photograph almost everything.  I had put a collection of flowers, fruit, vases, receptacles of varying sizes and shapes together …. but people quickly found other things to photograph that were scattered around the room. It was lovely to see them spotting items for themselves.


After doing  the photographic part of the workshop we worked on putting it all together and it was such a joy for me to see  the results of everyones hard work – and they did work hard …… because it was a workshop and not a sit down watch me demonstrate event.



At the end of a long and intense day everyone went home (exhausted but happy) with lots of images, textures and the knowledge of how to construct some wonderful Tantalising Textured images for themselves


Thanks to everyone who attended – you know who you are 🙂


If are interested in find out about the next Tantalising Textures Workshop please fill in the form below



People often ask me about where I get my ideas from for my creative pictures  – I talk about this in the lectures I do at photo and art clubs.

I like to produce pictures that have a different look and feel however the same background can still be used in 2 completely different pictures.  Here is an example.

The Shepherd    Waiting-1-long

Here are the start images – the cottage has been flipped horizontally and the sky is a mixture of skies

Sky cotage Sky-2

I also use lots of textures which I make myself.

In 2015 I am planning to produce a CD with step by step instructions on how I construct my images and will be running workshops on how I construct my painterly pictures.

If you would like more information please let me know by sending me a message via the contact form below






More Texturising Textures !

After launching my first pack of textures yesterday I am amazed with the number of people who wanted to purchase them.

So…….. as requested,  here is the second pack of textures…..  named Pack #2

The textures are a massive 5472 x 3640 pxls  (18.2″  x 12. 2″) and 300dpi

I used a variety of these textures on the images below

Here is the link to the texture packs




Pre Raphaelite


The Calling

I have been asked to put on a workshop showing how to use these textures creatively and how to go about making your very own textures (and brushes)

This workshop will be held in Warrington, Cheshire in early 2015.

If you are interested please  contact me via the form below – thanks