Digital And Real Painting

Psycho 1b

Today I have been painting in the traditional way and I realise why I don’t miss it !!

Having covered a large table with newspaper I proceeded to cover various types of paper  (watercolour and acrylic) with paint……. I also managed to cover the floor and myself in paint too.

As I was clearing everything up (and mopping the paint splattered floor) I realised how much I  didn’t miss real painting and how I felt much more happy (and much cleaner) painting digitally.

Hippy Dippy 1

Having completed the painting I pushed it through various Photoshop trickery and finished up with a set of images that I am pleased with.

These images will be the basis of a few manipulated images I have in mind.

If you want to know how to do this just drop me an email

Psycho 1f  small