People often ask me about where I get my ideas from for my creative pictures  – I talk about this in the lectures I do at photo and art clubs.

I like to produce pictures that have a different look and feel however the same background can still be used in 2 completely different pictures.  Here is an example.

The Shepherd    Waiting-1-long

Here are the start images – the cottage has been flipped horizontally and the sky is a mixture of skies

Sky cotage Sky-2

I also use lots of textures which I make myself.

In 2015 I am planning to produce a CD with step by step instructions on how I construct my images and will be running workshops on how I construct my painterly pictures.

If you would like more information please let me know by sending me a message via the contact form below






Official “launch”

Portia example 1

The Costume Manor House Photographic Workshop (which I hinted about on my last blog) has now been scheduled for the 22nd March 2015.

The  most surprising thing is that there is ONLY 1 PLACE LEFT because a number of people contacted me (after they had  read my blog) to register an interest in finding out more… and when they found out more…… they went ahead and booked their place!

Due to the fact a couple of people couldn’t make the 22nd March, but still very much wanted to attend the workshop, Marie and I decided to arrange another costume shoot for Saturday 14th March…. so we booked the Manor House again  ….and 2 people have already secured their place.

Marie Otero is coming over from the USA and for those who don’t know her she is an instructor for the PSA (Photographic Society of America) who teaches Photography and Digital Art & Digital Painting at workshops in the USA and Europe with great success. She has won a number of International Photography Awards including a Royal Photographic Society Gold medal for her image Shipwrecked Stranger and Gold Medals for her Black and White Architecture work and Creative compositions.

For my part… I have organized a number of very successful photographic seminars including quite a few Fine Art Nude Photographic workshops and a good majority of those attendees who submitted the resulting images from the shoot to the various salons and exhibitions, gained awards at national and international level – some were fortunate enough to be awarded gold medals! –  which, as the organizer of the event, is very satisfying.

So along with the Costume Manor House Workshop Marie and I will be hosting a Photoshop for Photographers Workshop on the 15th March and the 21st March for a day of exploration with Photoshop, learning about textures, layers, layer masks, compositing and lighting your images post production. There are a couple of people already booked on these workshop and I am sure that it will be of interest to others too. Please be aware that there are only a very very limited number of places for this workshop.

I have to say that both Marie and I have been overwhelmed by the response to these workshops even before they have been “launched” to the wider world.

So, if I had a red ribbon, I would be cutting it now and declaring the Costume Manor House Photographic and Photographers Photoshop workshops… OPEN and a warm welcome to all of you who have already booked.

If you would like to find out more please go to

More Texturising Textures !

After launching my first pack of textures yesterday I am amazed with the number of people who wanted to purchase them.

So…….. as requested,  here is the second pack of textures…..  named Pack #2

The textures are a massive 5472 x 3640 pxls  (18.2″  x 12. 2″) and 300dpi

I used a variety of these textures on the images below

Here is the link to the texture packs




Pre Raphaelite


The Calling

I have been asked to put on a workshop showing how to use these textures creatively and how to go about making your very own textures (and brushes)

This workshop will be held in Warrington, Cheshire in early 2015.

If you are interested please  contact me via the form below – thanks




Tantalising Textures


After being asked many times about the various textures I use in my creative images,  I have put together a pack of 8 textures which may be of interest to some people

Here is the link for you to check out the textures (Pack #1) etc and how to contact me for more details

I used one or two of the textures in Pack #1 in the picture which is featured below

Venice 1