Fine Art Nude 14th June – SOLD OUT


Just a quick update to say that the Fine Art Nude Photo Shoot on the 14th June is now fully sold out.

Thanks to all who have booked on the photographic sessions and apologies to all who were a bit late in requesting a place.


If you are interested in any further Fine Art Nude Photo Shoots or indeed a Fine Art Nude Workshop (for those people who would like to photograph Fine Art Nudes but haven’t done anything like it before) please contact me using the form below – I will keep you updated on future events

Fine Art Nude Studio Shoot 14th June (Only 3 Places Left)

The Fine Art Nude Photo Session scheduled for Sunday 14th June is almost sold out.



There are only 2 places left on the morning session starting at 9:30am and 1 place left on the afternoon session starting at 2:00pm.

There will be a maximum of 3 photographers to each model and the photographic shoot will take place in a studio north of Manchester.

We have 2 of the finest Fine Art Nude models around at the moment Freda and Raphaella Withlove. I have photographed both of these ladies before (Raphaella – a few years ago) and both are a delight to work with.



If you would like more information about this photographic session please fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Yesterday’s Fine Art Nude Shoot


Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the very beautiful Natasha – who was an absolute star and a joy to work with.



Here are a couple of Face Book friendly images from the shoot … hopefully I will be able to add more later .


This shoot has really reawakened my love of photographing Fine Art Nudes and I going to do lots more this year.

I already have the shoot with Freda and Raphaella booked for June and really looking forward to that.

More Fine Art Nudes Revisited


A few more images from this weeks Fine Art Nude shoot with Faith.


For too long I have neglected my absolute love of photographing Fine Art Nudes and have decided that I will do more of it in 2015. I have also decided to go back to my artistic background and learn more about digital painting. I am a self taught photographer and also learned Photoshop by watching YouTube tutorials, buying videos and books. I may do things the long way round ….. but I get there in the end.


This year I am going to spend much more of my time becoming more skilled in the use of  Corel Painter – which I have dipped in and out of for the past 3 or 4 years. Hopefully its going to be a very artistic 2015 🙂



Nudes or Fluffy Kittens, Flowers and Puppies?

When I tell people that I very much enjoy photography I know what their next question will be.

“Oooooo, how interesting…… What do you like to photograph?” 
 It’s at this point that I hit the same old dilemma – Do I fess up and be honest or do I fib and say “fluffy kittens, flowers and puppies
Well, I was brought up to be honest so I smile and say “Fine Art Nudes” ….. And that’s generally where the conversation stops ! It’s NOT what the other person was expecting me to say and therefore the conversation quickly changes to “oh eeermmm, well,  I wonder if it will rain tomorrow?
I organise regular Fine Art Nude Workshops for photographers who have never worked in this genre before. I try and make it as “stress free” as possible. Most people are very nervous to begin with, which is understandable, so in order to ease the stress  I find an experienced Fine Art Nude Model, the studio, the lighting and instruct the attendees on how to photograph and pose the model. I also provide a nice lunch.
It was whilst I was buying the food for the lunch at our local supermarket that the lady on the check out decided to strike up a conversation about the food she was scanning in. The conversation went like this ….
Checkout Lady :  Ooooo  are you having a family party?
Me: No
Checkout Lady: A party for friends?
Me: No
Checkout Lady: Well, it looks like you are having a party – are you having people round for a meal?
Me: No.
Checkout Lady (looking puzzled): Well you certainly have a lot of party type food – it’s not all for you is it?
Me: No – actually I am organising a workshop
Checkout Lady: Oooooo  how exciting….what kind of workshop?
Me (now rushing to put food into my trolly/cart): eerm.  A Photographic workshop
Checkout Lady (now smiling broadly): Ooooooo I LOVE photography  – what will you be photographing
Me: Nudes
Checkout Lady:
She never spoke to me after that and didn’t even give me eye contact!  I should have said fluffy kittens, flowers and puppies at least then she would have given me a goodbye smile.
Its strange how this photographic subject matter seems to stop people in their tracks. Its probably that they don’t expect a middle aged woman to “ do that sort of thing”.
Photographing nudes, however tasteful, always seems to polarise people –  therefore I am going to “speak” more about this subject in the days and weeks to come – in the meantime here are some examples of what I photograph.
Holly 1
On Pointe
Darling 2