I am at a crossroads.

All of my photographic equipment is stored away and I have said goodbye to my home studio and thrown away (or given away) almost  all of my prints. I really don’t know whether I will ever continue on  my photographic journey, hence the crossroads reference.  Two years ago I ceased entering competitions (for a few reasons) and now don’t really miss it at all.  To be perfectly honest I never really got use to the “uglier” side of the competitive world however that was compensated by meeting some  lovely people who have become close friends.

I have spent the last day or two looking back through the portraits I created in my studio and it was lovely seeing them again. I hope you don’t mind me sharing some with you – I have nothing better to do at the moment…… sorry.

Photography, especially studio portraits brought me (and the people who visited my studio) a lot of pleasure and I am wondering whether seeing these portraits again will ignate the spark again?

For the past year or so I have found other ways of being creative and as with my photographic work I am more than happy to share what I have learned.

So will looking back at what I have produced in my studio over the last 10+ years make me want to get out my Nikon and backdrops and start clicking away again…….. I honestly don’t know.

So folks, here  is the first  image that caught my eye – It’s  a straight portrait from 2017 (all the previous years are on external hard drives stored away) – I will apologise to you all now for the number of  images waiting in the wings for you to look at…….. sorry  LOL

Breaking The Rules

I love creating pictures that “break the rules”

I was told that (in competition) judges don’t like green and they don’t like the subject matter placed slap bang in the middle of the picture.

This one breaks both of those rules and it has been very successful in competition.

Are you are a rule breaker?? I would love to see your examples of a successful image that doesn’t conform to the conventional set…….


Bygone Beauty

A quiet few minutes doing some more colourising of old photos before a very busy weekend.

I don’t know about you but I think this lady is so beautiful and there is so much emotion in her face.

The model is “looking out of the frame” a no no for some people today but, as far as I am concerned,  I think the photographer who captured this lady’s beauty, got the feeling and emotion spot on -even if she wasn’t looking at the camera !


Creative Portrait # 2

Another day… another portrait !   This time it’s the turn of the lovely Stephanie who is the queen of the flowers.

I have so many studio photographs I would like to give a painterly treatment to…. its just a matter of choosing which one 🙂



More Digital Painting

Todays digital painting is from a photo I took last year of the very lovely Fredau Wallace – the original photograph  gained a Silver Medal and Best Portrait in the recent Northern Counties International Salon

A Sensual World chalk


I wondered what the photo would look like if I painted it digitally using soft chalks……  now I know 🙂