The Secret Garden – Not Secret Anymore

The photographic session last week has resulted in quite a number of images featuring the lovley Sarah (Model) and the make up magic of Melanie and I have called the whole set The Secret Garden – I have to say that I am thrilled with the results (thus far)

Secret garden 3

 I have put together a few from the set and will continue to work on the other pictures to produce a whole series themed around The Secret Garden.

Secret Garden 1

The pictures will be form part of an exhibition in a local Gallery and I can’t wait to see them gracing the walls 🙂

Sarah 2

Thanks for all of your lovely comments – they are much appreciated x

The Secret Garden


Reina de las Estrellas

So… here is picture number 2 from the Queen set of images.

It’s the same model but a different kind of Queenly style – this time the lovely Stephanie Dubois is Reina de las Estrellas, the Queen Of The Stars.  The make up was again skilfully applied by the wonderful Melanie Doyle

Reina de las Estrellas


Like the previous Floral Queen, this costume (well almost a costume –  she isn’t wearing anything else from the collar downwards !) has provided a few alternative “looks”  and hopefully they will bubble to the surface as the weeks go on.