Snappy Happy – Off we go again !

So I am just back from 3 weeks touring from Montreal to Miami (its a VERY long way) and although I am tired I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and Snappy (my new Sony RX100) is proving to be such a great travelling companion.

The camera really can deal with most situations both indoors (in gloomy lighting) and outside when I am bobbing around on a boat on the Hudson River, New York.

statue 1


But this cameras best feature (as far as I am concerned) is the Panorama option – it is just totally mind blowing and hopefully over the new few weeks I will be uploading some of the images I have taken whilst I was away.

escorted 1



seascape 1


Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them 🙂




Click, Click, Click, Click, Done !!!!

Continuing my travels with my new camera Sony DSC RX100iii (AKA Snappy)

I was very much looking forward to using Snappy on my trip to North Carolina and spent most of the 8 hour flight reading through the instruction book – well it did help pass the time.

But before that I took a few shots around the airport,


……….from out of the plane window (I adore clouds)


…….and the inflight meal  (yes I am wearing flight stockings)

plane Meal

I even showed the camera to the lady who was sitting next to me…. but she soon fell asleep (okay I know us photographers can be a boring lot when it comes to new equipment but it WAS a long flight). So as you can probably appreciate I was desperate to photograph something…… anything !!!

I was happy to play around with the various settings and then found the d d derrrrr   Panorama mode and boy was I impressed.  Took me a little while to work out which way to hold the camera and how fast/slow to pan round but once I had got the hang of it I was hooked.  It is so quick, no stitching images in post production via various plugins …. It was instantaneous.  Click,click,click,click click,click  DONE !!

I took lots of pictures using this setting even in very poor lighting conditions – in a disused hospital which I was persuaded to trespass by my fellow photographers (more about that later) . Here are the first pictures I took using the Panorama setting – there will be lots more to come I’m sure 🙂

Sunflower Field

Lakeside Cafe

Steam Punk1

Derelict Hospital