Blogging….. here goes…

Over the last few months I have observed a number of odd and unusual occurrences as I go about my daily life.  I have shared these musings with a few people and they have encouraged me to share my thoughts with a “wider audience’ – so here goes. Welcome to my world 🙂

I will start with an oldish “rant”

The Zombies Are HERE !

If you are an aspiring film maker of Zombie Films and are looking to cast people to portray said Zombies then look no further than my local Furniture and Home Furnishing Store (FAHFS).

Recently, I had the misfortune to have to take the endless “walk” through this hell on earth, behind people who did the FAHFS living dead shuffle around it’s various living room/dining room/ bedroom/ kitchen sets.

Walking at a pace that could have easily been passed by an otgenarian snail they proceeded to mooch around aimlessly. Lifeless eyes gazing ever forward seeking out the twists and turns of this vast emporium of lost souls hoping to find the meaning of life….. or the exit.

Along with the Zombies I also came across families hell bent on dragging their offspring round the shop. These poor mites had been promised a FAHFS children’s meal but ONLY after they had engaging in what appeared to be a howling/screaming competition. Everyones a winner… apparently !

I traded exasperatied looks with other people who only wanted to “nip in” for something but found themselves sucked down into this dreary pit of human flotsam.

I only wanted some picture frames – why do I need to engage in a half marathon to find them? I don’t want odd shaped lampshades, a washstand with 2 drawers, a cowhide rug or a loft bed combo….. I just want some picture frames!  PLEASE.

That said, I did glean some information from an employee who pointed me to a “secret door” that bypasses EVERYTHING and gets you almost to the check out tills without having to do the zombie shuffle……  As I went through the door I turned to wave him my thanks, but he had disappeared. Maybe whisked away by the all seeing eye -perhaps he shouldn’t have passed that info onto me and his spirit will be forever heard wailing across the acres of soft furnishings (or it could just be another child wanting to have a nibble on a fish finger or two)

Do I REALLY have a style?

People often say to me “oh I knew that was your picture….. I recognised the style”

This statement usually ends up with me looking confused and if not a little bemused.  Do I really have a style and if so is it so obvious?

For a start I do quite a bit of straight digital painting (no photography in these images)



Sometimes the digital painting is  a little abstract !


Okay, I know that I am associated with green images …… but I do do other colours and genres even fine art nudes in mono.



I’ve even been known to do the odd nature picture !


I enjoy producing straight portraits – of beautiful ladies and gentlemen








And as I love to travel – I find time to take pictures from around the world


I suppose my main passion is producing creative edits – and these can take many forms from “almost straight” to extremely painterly 🙂



Would these painterly pictures do well in BPE/FIAP competitions…… I very much doubt it.





Sometimes I have been know to be surreal…





So…..looking through some of the images I have produced over the last few months I really don’t see a style – but as I am always told that I have one and its VERY recognisable I must be missing something !




Tantalising Textures On Tour – Coatbridge Saturday 18th February 2017

Remembering Summer

I will be in Coatbridge (east of Glasgow) on Saturday 18th February doing my Tantalising Textures Workshop.

The workshop is interactive (it’s not a sit down and watch event) and will include the following (and much much more) :-

Finding and photographing textures
Converting the textures for use in creative photographs
Still life photography
Instruction and demonstration on how I produce my textured images
1-2-1 help and guidance
There are a limited number of attendees and THERE ARE ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT !!

Please fill in the contact form below for more details

One Place Vacant Fine Art Nude Workshop 3rd December

Due to unforeseen circumstances one place has become vacant on the Fine Art Nude Workshop on the 3rd December 2016.

If you would like to take this opportunity of working with a fantastic model please contact me ASAP – it will be on a first come first served basis.

The Workshop will be held in Warrington, Cheshire


International Photography Awards 2016

Thought I would enter the International Photography Awards earlier this year for the first time.

This photographic competition has nothing to do with FIAP or BPE’s and obviously has entrants (both professional & none professional) from all around the world.

Yesterday I was contacted to say that 4 of my images had received Honorary Mentions (three in the portrait section and 1 in the fine art nude section) – I have to say I am thrilled.

Here are the images that were honoured :-





Being Creative

When I have given my talks at photo/camera clubs over the years I have often heard the following “I really like what you do……. but its not proper photography is it ?”. Producing images for competition that are creative  seems to come with the “only does creative pictures because she/he can’t take a proper picture”label.  This always makes me smile because every element of the picture started out as a photograph. Bringing up this subject is like opening a can of worms but hey…..  photography should be fun and how you achieve your personal end results is truly up to you.  So I will say it now  I AM A CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHER AND I AM PROUD OF THAT FACT !


There are many of my images that fall into the creative pile….. but every singe one of them started out as a photograph  – thought I would highlight a few of them

Cloak 1

Fredau 1

Alien 1


High Flyer

The Glums



After a number of requests I will be organising the last Fine Art Nude Workshop of 2016.


The workshop will take place on the 4th December 2016 in Warrington, Cheshire and will feature a very experience model (see images).

If you have a genuine interest in being part of this workshop (there will only we a small number of attendees)  please contact me as quickly as possible using the form below