Things you don’t want to hear at 38 thousand feet in the air!



There are a few things you don’t want to hear on a flight……

Captain – “as we have experienced a great amount of turbulence on the way out here I have instructed the air crew to serve hot drinks for the first hour and then bolt everything down until we land. If you need any further cold drinks please press the button above your head and one of the crew might be able to attend to you…… if its not to bumpy” pause “the toilets will also be out of action too”

and, once we had reached 38 thousand feet…

Air Crew (in a panicky voice” – “is there a medical doctor or paramedic on board this flight? If so could you make your self known to us immediately please?”

Pilot – after trying to land the plane, failing and making a very VERY steep vertical climb “oops sorry folks missed the runway, I’ll turn round and have another go at it !!!!!” slight giggle “hopefully I’ll do better next time !!”

Air stewardess – “sorry madam we have run out of the vegetarian option but I can offer you a peanut and jelly sandwich instead”……… this was on a 12 hour overnight flight!

The other thing you don’t want to hear is the man seated behind you who sniffs and clears his throat (in a very irritating manner, like he is trying to cough up a huge lump of something very nasty) for the whole 3 hours of the flight. Cough, hack hack hack , sniff, cough cough. eeewwwwwww

Also, while I am on roll….. why is it that someone can fall into a deep sleep whilst their children (sitting next to them) scream and fight and disrupt everyone else around them….. except for the now snoring mum in the next seat?

And ….is it “bad form” to tut loudly when a group of “ladies” decide its still New Years Eve (even though that was 2 days ago) to try and get up and form a conga train down the middle of the plane?

I am convinced that on my passport it says “please place this lady next to a constant cougher, loud sniffer, unruly child/children or someone who is terrified of flying and squeezes your hand (which you have offered as a way of comforting them) so tightly your fingers turn white.

Give me strength ….. Happy New Year !!

Travels With My Camera (AKA Snappy)

I took my Sony RX100 iii (AKA Snappy) out yesterday to the RHS Flower Show which was being staged at Tatton Park in Cheshire and I am still staggered by how well this camera performs.


The weather was perfect for photography and I enjoyed walking round looking at the various floral exhibits

Flower 5

Flowers shows (and the people who exhibit and attend ) appear to be a completely different world from the one I currently move in (all things photographic) but we all share the love of producing something that is eye catchingly beautiful.

Flower 3

It was fun taking pictures of flowers instead of models (less problems with lighting and posing) and just leaning in to take the picture was a joy.   Looking forward to doing something artistic with some of the pictures 🙂

Flower 1

All of theres pictures were taken with the Sony Cyber Shot DSC RX100 iii


More Travelling With My Camera



So John and I were travelling for just over three weeks and we visited some wonderful places.

One of the nicest Cities we visited was Quebec and great to see the various decorations for the up coming Halloween celebrations. Above is one of them …… taken with…. yes you’ve guessed it – my new Sony RX100111 – AKA Snappy.

Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t show how cold and VERY VERY windy it was. The trip round the city was very interesting and started out with 14 people but ended up with just 4 !

We were  toasty warm having packed thick coats, hats and boots – unfortunately most of the other visitors on the trip were from warmer climates and hadn’t pack any warm clothes at all … not even a coat – therefore they scuttled back to the warmth. They missed a great tour.

In Halifax (Nova Scotia) we visited the Titanic Museum and then the final resting place of the people who tragically died on that dreadful maiden voyage. It was shocking to learn that a very high proportion of the first class passengers survived whilst  high number of gentlemen in second class lost their lives. Most shocking of all was that almost all of the crew died,  just a handful survived – what a dreadful waste of life.

When we were making our way back to the ship (yes I know…. ) we had just visited a museum about the Titanic and now we were going back to our ship and the worse thing was that we had just heard the weather forecast was for severe gales…… eekkkkk,

I happened to pass this statue on our way back to the harbour and it reminded me of a picture I put together a few years ago and which has done very well in various International photographic exhibitions.

I wasn’t aware of this statue until we walked passed it – just shows there are not new ideas in photography (or art).



High Flyer

Finally a Pano as we sailed into New York harbour – which, I have to say, was breathtaking and the start of a couple of exciting days in the big apple.

New York

Snappy Happy – Off we go again !

So I am just back from 3 weeks touring from Montreal to Miami (its a VERY long way) and although I am tired I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and Snappy (my new Sony RX100) is proving to be such a great travelling companion.

The camera really can deal with most situations both indoors (in gloomy lighting) and outside when I am bobbing around on a boat on the Hudson River, New York.

statue 1


But this cameras best feature (as far as I am concerned) is the Panorama option – it is just totally mind blowing and hopefully over the new few weeks I will be uploading some of the images I have taken whilst I was away.

escorted 1



seascape 1


Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them 🙂




Travels With My Camera – Part 2

I am slowly going through the pictures from my visit to North Carolina to visit with my friend and brilliant photographer Marie Otero.
I’ve already posted the pictures from the first couple of days so here is what happened next
One lovely barmy evening Marie, her husband Rick and I dodged the local police and trespassed in a disused school – it was FANTASTIC !!  
Toilet 1
There was so much to photograph I could have stayed there all day. 
Rick kept guard outside whilst Marie and I went inside, we even went upstairs ! it was a bit rickety…. but worth it, so much to photograph.
Empty Room 1
There were a number of buildings – some more dilapidated than others and crossing over the road  – dodging the traffic  (they drive on the wrong side of the road you know !) and watching for the police we found an abandoned chapel. It just looked like everyone had up and left a bit spooky.
I have to confess that this wasn’t the only time we went trespassing the next  time I we did it I was really scared……. more of that later.
Empty Room 2
windowand ivy

First Days In North Carolina

Recently, I had a wonderful trip to North Carolina to visit my photographic chum Marie Otero and what a trip it was !

I have never visited that part of the USA before and found it to be absolutely fantastic –  the people were delightful, dare I say AWESOME?  Marie and her husband (and cats) were wonderful hosts and Marie and I found we had so much in common it was totally mind blowing. The only thing that was completely different was that Marie was an night owl and I am an early bird but that said we had plenty of time to play. We shared the same love of photography, enjoyed creating painterly images and laughed at the same things (can’t tell you what though !!!)

Marie organised a very full on schedule and we started off by photographing Bree in Studio 51 and Amy Jo at Marie’s home/studio.  Both models were great fun and were a joy to photograph.

I have been soooo busy since I got back I haven’t had time to really look at the pictures from the various shoots…… until now. Here are a couple of pictures featuring both of the models I mentioned above (Bree and Amy Jo) and as I process more pictures I will upload them for you to have a sneaky peek at.

Bree Bree Amy Jo Amy Jo

Incidentally, we went to an American Bar & Grill in Statesville and had a wonderful lunch including Dill Chips – which turned out to be dill pickle thinly sliced and then dipped in batter and deep fried. Now I know you are probably saying yuk but….. my goodness they really were sensational !!!

Dill Chips