New Textures

For the past few weeks I have been making new textures that can be used either digitally or downloaded to be stencilled on or painted directly over. These textures may be of interest to both photographers and arts and craft folk alike. I am sure they will be of interest to those of you who are into art journals .

If you know anyone who would be interested please let them have a link to my website.

Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t allow me to give you a direct link to my other website where you can purchase the textures and prints but if you Google butterflys mind you will find me there. You will have to add the www and the .com …. send me a message via the contact page if you have problems 🙂

Bygone Beauty

A quiet few minutes doing some more colourising of old photos before a very busy weekend.

I don’t know about you but I think this lady is so beautiful and there is so much emotion in her face.

The model is “looking out of the frame” a no no for some people today but, as far as I am concerned,  I think the photographer who captured this lady’s beauty, got the feeling and emotion spot on -even if she wasn’t looking at the camera !


Corel Painter Tutorials & Workshops

I’ve been doing a bit more “painting” today using Corel Painter & Photoshop.


A few people have asked me when am I going to do some Corel Painter Workshops… the answer is early next year.

There will be sit down face to face workshops and online tutorials, so watch this space.

Sign up for more details regarding these workshops/on line tutorials by filling in the contact form below.

Joint Workshop In Belfast October 2016

Super excited to announce that I will be working alongside fellow PAGB Master Ross McKelvey to joint host a studio/creative editing workshop on Saturday and Sunday 15th & 16th October 2016 in Belfast.

The day will begin with a very informative studio shoot featuring 2 beautiful and experienced models (and some of my unique costumes) – then after lunch we will get creative 🙂

12120013_1007980332565736_5645357179733572381_o        Past Memories

Both Ross and I have lots of experience in running our own workshops and I think its fair to say that quite a number of delegates who have attended one (or more) of our workshops have had images that have gone on to win awards both nationally and internationally.

So, if you want any further information please contact me via the form below and I will give you more info…… by the way, there are limited places and they are going VERY VERY fast

PS I will also be around on Monday 17th & 18th October in the Belfast area so if you would like to book some time with me for an individual creative post processing session please contact me ASAP using the contact form below







Portrait #7

I put this image together a few months ago but have revisited again today.

Moving away (for a short while) from my favoured pastel painterly images, I thought I would have a go at a portrait in the “style” of (well my interpretation anyway) Gustav Klimt

I have used my beloved textures on this image along with my own brushes and papers created in Corel Painter



Creative Portrait #5

A bit of a departure for me today as I attempted a more abstract portrait – again featuring the very lovely Stephanie Dubois

These creative digital portraits are for my own enjoyment and not for competition –  so I can work away to my hearts content not wondering if the picture will catch the judge’s eye 🙂

Stephanie Abstraction 1


Creative Portrait # 2

Another day… another portrait !   This time it’s the turn of the lovely Stephanie who is the queen of the flowers.

I have so many studio photographs I would like to give a painterly treatment to…. its just a matter of choosing which one 🙂



Creative Portraits

Continuing my exploration of creative “painting” using a combination of Corel Painter 2016 and Photoshop brings me to my latest portrait.

Over the years people have asked me why I don’t do “proper photography”, why do I have to mess about with the picture !  Well in fact I do do proper photography … all the time !  I enjoy taking “straight” images whether it be nature, landscapes, fine art nudes  or portraits and in fact have had success in national and international competitions with those images. But for me, that first straight photographic image is just a means to an end  – in other words, its just the beginning of the journey.



This picture started as a studio shot but I knew I wanted to do more with it… so I used it as my “blank canvas” – a starting point to paint on to create a more ethereal image.

I am well on my way now but…. if you are interested in joining me on my journey via the wonderful world of Corel Painter please click on the FOLLOW JOAN BLEASE PHOTOGRAPHY” tab on this page (top right)  or LIKE the FACEBOOK page or click on the white button to FOLLOW THE BLOG VIA EMAIL