Looking To The Past


Now that I have gained The Fellowship of the BPE  (I believe I am only the 29th person to have achieved that honour of which only a handful are Women) I am set for pastures new, although I am having withdrawal symptoms when I receive information about the upcoming comps.

So instead of producing pictures that are solely for competitions I have been producing a set of images that are intended as a series of prints.

These pictures are made up of antique photographs that I own and elements from photographs I have taken myself and carefully blended together to make something a little surreal… or even  Real Surreal Images 🙂

Eventually, I am going to offer tutorials on how to put this sort of picture together and I would like to think that they will be as popular as my Tantalising Texture Workshops.

And while we are on that subject, I am going to announce the next Tantalising Textures Workshop very soon….. so if you want to know more about that and the Real Surreal Images Workshops please fill in the contact form below and tell me which one you are most interested in.

The Purple Barn

Channelling my inner Van Gogh again (apologies to the Master) I thought I would continue in my Purple Fields series.

This one again started out as a photograph but I messed about with it in Corel Painter and Photoshop.

Finished up with something, as far as I am concerned, a little more interesting and a lot more painterly




Following A Road

I need to create – its in my DNA of that I am sure.

I enjoy photography – but as far as I am concerned it’s a means to an end.

Over the centuries artists have used whatever was available to them… sticks to scratch pictures onto cave walls, powdered earth to add colour and eventually they  mixed the pigments with oils to make more permanent paints.

As more advance paper production came into being artists were able, via their brush stroke skills, to produced beautifully luminescent watercolours.

And then (thank goodness) photography came along and  some artists found themselves in the darkroom producing first mono prints and then more latterly colour.

I, as a woman of this digital age, embrace everything I can to produce pictures with a painterly feel – I am using as much of the current technology as I can to aid my creative endeavours.

This picture – which started out as a photograph, is now a more painterly version of its former self.

Do photographic purists dislike it with a passion…. probably, but who cares I for one am embracing the 21st Century.



… and the leaves that were green turn to brown……

..and the leaves that were green turn to brown… a line from a Paul Simon song.

So it’s autumn and the leaves are changing colour now  and I thought I would do a digital painting to celebrate the fact.

A bit more of a a subtle digital painting this time.

The leaves WERE actually green and I HAVE turned then to brown – does that make me Mother Nature or a picture manipulator?

Thanks Mr. Simon for the inspiration.

Thanks To All The People I have Worked With In 2016 (Part 1)

It’s getting near the end of the year so I thought I would put some pictures together to record what I have been producing in 2016.

These pictures are a small collection of straight images, creative doodlings and travel pictures.

I have used Photoshop and Corel Painter to produce the images below:-

PS I did a long more “stuff” in the second half of the year !!

Reina de las Estrellas     Reina de las Flores

Vintage Steph    Stephanie


Sarah 2  Sarah 1a


twins-2b   THE GIRL V3a


cuban-cars-re-edit    Cuba Street 1


_DSC1936      Cuba 2


Inner Jellyfish    Stephanie outside 1


Cloak 1   Maelstrom

Portrait #4   Sleeping Beauty


Serendipity   Portrait Raphaella 8

Fredau 1    Raphy & leaf


Alien 1   morning-moon


trumpet-player   _DSC1906

Misuzu 4   Misuzu 1


Misuzu 2    stephanie-7




man-with-pram  jess-abstract-corel-6






Corel Painter Tutorials & Workshops

I’ve been doing a bit more “painting” today using Corel Painter & Photoshop.


A few people have asked me when am I going to do some Corel Painter Workshops… the answer is early next year.

There will be sit down face to face workshops and online tutorials, so watch this space.

Sign up for more details regarding these workshops/on line tutorials by filling in the contact form below.

Portrait #7

I put this image together a few months ago but have revisited again today.

Moving away (for a short while) from my favoured pastel painterly images, I thought I would have a go at a portrait in the “style” of (well my interpretation anyway) Gustav Klimt

I have used my beloved textures on this image along with my own brushes and papers created in Corel Painter