Cheesecake Bias


I enjoy watching the Great British Bake Off and it got me thinking (yes I know….. a dangerous thing).

What if the people who were judging the various tasty morsels had a distinct dislike for one type of cake….. let’s say… Cheesecake and would openly say “yuk” when they nibbled it and gave it a low score because it WAS a Cheesecake. Now it could be an absolutely perfect example of a Cheesecake but still received a low score from that biased judge because of it’s Cheesecakey nature.

Perhaps these judges were purist bakers and felt that a Cheesecake was not a real “cake” and therefore should be excluded from the competition. Perhaps for them it HAD to be a Victoria Sponge or Fruit Cake that represented the baking world and anything else that deviated from that cakey genre had no right to be in the baking contest. A Cheesecake was deemed the work of the devil and the baker should therefore be punished by giving them a poor score.

What if the cake based contest judge hadn’t entered any of their cakes in a competition for many years (living on past glories) and still felt that cakes should be baked using an old cast iron fireplace oven because that’s the way THEY baked them and therefore (in their opinion) the most authentic way of producing cakes. Okay, they might acknowledge that gas and electric ovens speed things up  (but they never bothered learning how to use them) –  but the most purest way of baking a cake was using a Victorian range oven and preferably in the dark.

What if these baking judges were influential and were really vocal about their dislike of Cheesecakes and how, in their opinion, they had no place in cooking competitions or if they were to be allowed, there should be a whole section dedicated to Cheesecakes. I’m sure it would have been pointed out to these judges that Cheesecakes start off in the same way as other cakes… being mixed in a bowl with many of the same ingredients as the other more “conventional” cakes and therefore by definition they were still a cake. But these words would fall on deaf ears – for them a Cheesecake wasn’t a “proper” cake and therefore should not score highly.

Judges accuse Cheesecake makers of only making that particular kind of cake because they don’t have the skills to bake a “proper cake” – but in actual fact those people who make Cheesecakes have to have good all round skills to put their much loved cake together. They enjoy making Cheesecakes because it makes them happy and its a way of expressing that joy.

I feel that judges of cake competitions should not be blinkered and have an open mind when it comes to judging the various tasty morsels that are laid out in front of them – and if a judge has a strong aversion to a particular type of cake then they should not be asked to participate in a cake baking competition again.

Now I’m off to make a Cheesecake



Finalist Of The Year – The Guild Of Photographer

I am GOBSMACKED !!! I am a finalist !!!
I have just received an email informing me that 3 of my images have been chosen to be in the final of The Guild Of Photographers Image Of The Year 2017.
I quote from the email….
“From the thousands of stunning entries into the Image of the Month competition throughout 2017, the Judges have selected just 12 images in each genre to be short listed as Finalists in the Image of the Year Competition.
We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected as a Finalist with two images in the Creative and Digital genre.
To reach the final is clearly a remarkable achievement when you consider the number of entries we have had and the tremendously high standards we have witnessed all year!”
I have also had another image chosen in the Avant-Garde Portraiture genre.
This means SO MUCH to me because I didn’t  enter the competition, I didn’t even know that images were being judged let alone know there would be finalists.
These judges don’t know me or anything about me,  they have no idea about what I have produced over the years, they don’t care what club I belong (or belonged) to, they don’t know whether I am a professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur… which I am obviously the latter, they just judged the pictures on its own merit and WOW is that just fantastic…. well it is to me.
The Image Of The Year will be judged in December and I can honestly say I don’t think I stand a chance … especially against the professional photographers who probably grace the finalist list too.
What a lovely end to the year 🙂

Another Road……

Todays creative edit again features trees but this time I have added a shadowy figure.

Is he just a man walking away or is he waiting for you…. you make up your own mind.

I have created this image using Photoshop (various layers and blending modes) along with brushes that I have made myself.

This kind of digital art is so enjoyable to create and the bonus is that they are making a lovely set of vibrant prints.

The Guild Of Photographers

I joined The Guild Of Photographers in September and entered 3 pictures into their monthly comp.

Today I have found out that I have received 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Awards so I am very pleased with that especially as they are new images.

Fredau 1






The October Image Of The Month closes soon so I had better get my skates on 🙂

New Images And Competition/Exhibition Success

I haven’t posted anything about the national (UK) and international competitions that I have entered as yet……… so I thought that I would start now.

The images below are all  new and are only just being sent out to the various salons/exhibitions.

All have won awards including silver medals and judges awards and as they are a departure from my usual creative images (and their not green) I have to admit that it’s pleasing for me to have more “straight” images recognised.

Hope you like them


Past Memories





The Dreaming