I’m Back (I never really went away!!)


Over the last few moths I have been putting together a series of images which I have called “THE STRANGE NEW WORLD”. I’m aiming to produce a coffee table book containing lots of the pictures I have created….. fingers crossed. This newly created weird and wonderful world has everything from an ocean containing mysterious creatures to strange flying machines in the sky…….. and everything in between. There are also a few weird and wonderful people living in this new world.

I will be uploading some of these images over time, but to start with here is a flavour of what you can expect……. hope you like what you see? x

5 responses to “I’m Back (I never really went away!!)

  1. A fantastic set of extremely creative images. Seems you have already mastered the use of AI in your workflow, and yet, these images all have the Joan Blease look and feel. Really looking forward to next seeing where your imagination and creativity takes all ob your new and exciting journey xxx


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