Here is another straight shot from my studio sessions.I really enjoyed working in the studio and had the opportunity to work with many models.

I had my favourites and Natasha was one of them.I had a rail full of costumes and the models who came to the studio really enjoyed trying lots of them on. I realised early on that costumes were going play a huge part in the images I wanted to produce. However, in this case Natasha only wore flowers in her hair LOL

One response to “FLOWER POWER

  1. Beautiful as always. I don’t often send comments, but all your posts have been seen and ALL have created a favourable emotion. (A posh way of saying I love them all and wish I could emulate…!). I watch with some interest your journey away from photography and into new fields of art. And yes, ‘club photography’ does sometimes grind a little. So, why oh why did I volunteer to be Programme Secretary for Hay CC?
    As an entirely separate issue, and one that did not occur to me until just now (honestly), what talks are you currently doing for clubs?


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