I am at a crossroads.

All of my photographic equipment is stored away and I have said goodbye to my home studio and thrown away (or given away) almost  all of my prints. I really don’t know whether I will ever continue on  my photographic journey, hence the crossroads reference.  Two years ago I ceased entering competitions (for a few reasons) and now don’t really miss it at all.  To be perfectly honest I never really got use to the “uglier” side of the competitive world however that was compensated by meeting some  lovely people who have become close friends.

I have spent the last day or two looking back through the portraits I created in my studio and it was lovely seeing them again. I hope you don’t mind me sharing some with you – I have nothing better to do at the moment…… sorry.

Photography, especially studio portraits brought me (and the people who visited my studio) a lot of pleasure and I am wondering whether seeing these portraits again will ignate the spark again?

For the past year or so I have found other ways of being creative and as with my photographic work I am more than happy to share what I have learned.

So will looking back at what I have produced in my studio over the last 10+ years make me want to get out my Nikon and backdrops and start clicking away again…….. I honestly don’t know.

So folks, here  is the first  image that caught my eye – It’s  a straight portrait from 2017 (all the previous years are on external hard drives stored away) – I will apologise to you all now for the number of  images waiting in the wings for you to look at…….. sorry  LOL

2 responses to “NOTES FROM THE PRESENT

  1. How lovely for your honest sharing, I too had to give up my photography for a few reasons. However, I do miss some things, but others I am pleased to not have in my life. I always thing don’t look at what you have lost – look at what you have gained. I have cultivated other interest and my photography days I look back on with pleasure. I was pleased to have learnt so many skills, which don’t get lost on my Huawei Pro 30 mobile phone, with its lovely Leica lens.
    I am sure the road you take will be a good one, best wishes Barbara


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