More Walks In The Enchanted Forest

For quite sometime now I have working on a new technique to give images a more painterly feel. I think I am getting there….. but need to push the boundaries a little harder.

I am really enjoying creating these woodland landscape images all centred around the Enchanted Forest – I hope you will continue to walk with me?


Here is another straight shot from my studio sessions.I really enjoyed working in the studio and had the opportunity to work with many models. I had my favourites and Natasha was one of them.I had a rail full of costumes and the models who came to the studio really enjoyed trying lots of them on. […]


For whatever reason I seemed to have been extremely prolific in 2018 and churned out loads of stuff. I was bursting with ideas and I am sure that there will be a number of images from 2018 coming up for viewing over the next few days. I made the headdress and also created the background […]


I am at a crossroads. All of my photographic equipment is stored away and I have said goodbye to my home studio and thrown away (or given away) almost  all of my prints. I really don’t know whether I will ever continue on  my photographic journey, hence the crossroads reference.  Two years ago I ceased […]

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