More Walks In The Enchanted Forest

For quite sometime now I have working on a new technique to give images a more painterly feel. I think I am getting there….. but need to push the boundaries a little harder.

I am really enjoying creating these woodland landscape images all centred around the Enchanted Forest – I hope you will continue to walk with me?


Had bit of time today to do an abstract painting and then combine it with Photoshop to produce a bit of fishy fun

New Textures

For the past few weeks I have been making new textures that can be used either digitally or downloaded to be stencilled on or painted directly over. These textures may be of interest to both photographers and arts and craft folk alike. I am sure they will be of interest to those of you who […]


I haven’t picked up my camera since February and to be honest I haven’t missed it. Instead I have picked up my paint brushes and have started on a personal journey taking me into the world of abstract art. Sitting and painting has really helped me this year with the loss of my beloved Mum […]

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