(yes I know its been a while since my last blog – I’ve been away !)

It seems that almost every time I go to a concert/play/film the person who has booked the seat in front of me is the tallest man mountain in the place. Not only that, he will be a head scratcher or buttock shifter who can’t sit still. So last night when we went to watch a tribute band John (my Husband) ordered tickets at the front of the balcony to avoid the “massive head” issue….. thank you, your a star !

With an uninterrupted view of the stage I enjoyed the first half of the first half and then….. it began.

A row behind me and about 5 people away was a couple who managed to conduct a constant conversation at the top their voices for the whole of the second part of the first set. How on earth they managed to drown out the band I don’t know and I use to be an audiologist so you would think I would know these things! They shouted inane drivel to each other which, more often than not, ended in hysterical laughter.

The people around them looked at each other in dismay, but as this guy – who wore a t-shirt with the name of an aggressive punk band and an expression of “mess with me at you peril mate” continued to scream his chat up lines to his heavily made up girlfriend. She in turn had an equally good set of lungs and vocal chords and thus the conversation continued for about 25 mins.

Thank goodness the band announced a 20 min break …. John and I made our way to the bar and decided to sit downstairs far away from the human megaphones.

We could see that the last couple of rows at the back of the hall were unoccupied so we settled down to enjoy the band. However, the band’s manager and the 2 roadies decided to stand next to our aisle and have a loud conversation about venues and dates …. So we moved to the other side of the hall away from them.

Ah….. we finally found the quiet area and settled back for the first song, oh joy ! This joy however didn’t last because there, striding towards us, was the punk t shirted gob on a stick and his equally annoying date. And where did they deiced to sit…… yep, right in front of us !

Now, unbelievably with lots of crap still to talk about they were now loved up and decided that their mouths could also be deployed as snogging devises ……. With heavy sighs and loud tuts (not that they could be heard over the slurping lip smacking noises) we moved to the other side of the hall.

Please…. can we just listen and watch the band in peace?? No was the resounding answer. Two rows in front were a couple of couples who also had decided to not watch the band but instead sit and chat about goodness knows what. Unbelievable !!

After 2 more songs that they shouted their conversations to, they decided it was time to stand up and throw themselves around to the music. Now obscuring the stage and obliterating the music John and I looked at each other …. and left.

A good night ruined by spectacularly ignorantly selfish people.

My question is……. Why do you pay good money to see a band and then talk through the whole performance. Answers on a postcard….

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  1. It could only happen to you Joan… As I am only 5’2″ I usually have an obscured view too, but I cant believe you moved so many times & still managed to find the most annoying couples in the theatre!
    Fabulous blog..Thanks for making me laugh!

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