I woke up this morning at 5am and decided that I would start a blog about my experiences – good and bad – relating to my involvement (for the last 10 or so years) in the wonderful world of photography and photographic competitions.  

Recently I have commented via Facebook on a couple of photo related competitions and had a tremendous amount of feedback about those “blogs”. Most of the comments came as private messages because the senders felt “too scared” (their words not mine) to post it on the thread “for all to see” and I have to admit I have been really saddened by this fact. Why do people feel so intimidated ? Why are they so reluctant to leave a comment?  Are they frightened of reprisals or feel that a mark will be put against their name as a trouble maker or moaner?

I have met some fabulous people who are now some of my closest friends and who I would never have met unless I had bought a camera and entered competitions, I am so thankful that they came into my life. I have  also had the misfortune to cross the path of  some of the most mean spirited and some would say, vindictive people in the photographic world … but luckily these days I never need to engage with them very often, if at all… phew.

So now that I have finished my quest for photographic distinctions and have nothing to lose (unless the powers that be decide to rip the badge off my blouse and tear up my certificate and stamp on it)  I feel that I can share my views with you. 

To be honest it was  a struggle in the beginning of my photographic comping quest,  I made a lot of mistakes – (more of that later) and I hope on reading my blog regarding my gaffs you might learn from it and not make that mistake yourself.  The struggle still continues….. but for a different set of reasons.  I have started asking questions now on behalf of others who are reluctant to seek  clarification regarding rules and regulations that are either not transparent or somewhat sketchy .

So,  I feel its time to relate my personal experiences and I hope you will come along for the ride. I promise there will be lots of highs and an equal amount of lows and perhaps I might entertain you along the way, at least for a for a little while.

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