Notes From A Country Lane

When I drove my Mobile Medical Vehicle (big white van !) I knew all of the lorry drivers signals….. I was treated like a fellow trucker.
A certain “flash” to tell the overtaking lorry driver they were clear, the special side to side wink of the lights to say thank you for letting me “in”, the one handed thank you signal as I let them pass etc etc.
Now that I don’t drive that vehicle anymore and have taken to two wheels I realise that “us cyclists” have a special way of greeting each other too. A half nod, a smile and a one handed “wave” of acknowledgement.
If only I was brave enough to take one of my hands of the handlebars I would reciprocate….. unfortunately I’m too wobbly at the moment.
So, if you pass me on the country lanes please don’t be offended if I don’t wave šŸ™‚

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