Oh No….. Not Her Again !!!!!!

Something caught my eye just now on Facebook – it was an advert of a man demonstrating a pastry crimper and that image took me back to when I was a child…. let me elaborate.

Mum and I had very little when I was young and she worked all hours of the day to save up to take us to Blackpool for our annual 2 weeks holiday.

One year I found myself standing in front of a man in a large department store who was demonstrating a pasty cutter/crimper……. I was mesmerised. Each day (and many times a day) I would elbow myself forward to the front of the gathered crowd and watch him expertly crimp the pie and cut out dainty leaves to place on top of the crust as a delightful decoration  – I was obviously easily entertained in those days.

I stood for hours watching him and as the time went on I learned his patter ….. and quietly said it along with him. I must have driven him mad….. and all these years later I apologise to that poor man for making his life a complete misery.

Even at that age I could see his spirit and shoulders drop when he spotted my beaming face in front of him on a daily basis –  when all he was trying to do was make a crust…….. sorry, had to get that pun it !

Sadly,  our two weeks were over all too quickly and I am sure the gentleman in question hung out the bunting (if not an actual bun tin) when he realised his stalker had finally disappeared.

However, about six months later Mum booked us on day trip by coach down to London to see the Ideal Homes Exhibition (ironic really when we were trying to have a day AWAY from a less than ideal home) and as we walked round the crowded floor I heard a familiar voice……. Yes, it was HIM.

Can you imagine the sheer joy on this poor mans face when he saw his nemesis standing in front of him delivering word perfect his demonstration dialogue, I’m sure I saw a tear in his eye and perhaps the pie was crimped a little more tightly.

Needless to say Mum bought a pastry crimper…. It was the least she could do.

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