Following A Road

I need to create – its in my DNA of that I am sure.

I enjoy photography – but as far as I am concerned it’s a means to an end.

Over the centuries artists have used whatever was available to them… sticks to scratch pictures onto cave walls, powdered earth to add colour and eventually they  mixed the pigments with oils to make more permanent paints.

As more advance paper production came into being artists were able, via their brush stroke skills, to produced beautifully luminescent watercolours.

And then (thank goodness) photography came along and  some artists found themselves in the darkroom producing first mono prints and then more latterly colour.

I, as a woman of this digital age, embrace everything I can to produce pictures with a painterly feel – I am using as much of the current technology as I can to aid my creative endeavours.

This picture – which started out as a photograph, is now a more painterly version of its former self.

Do photographic purists dislike it with a passion…. probably, but who cares I for one am embracing the 21st Century.



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