Do I REALLY have a style?

People often say to me “oh I knew that was your picture….. I recognised the style”

This statement usually ends up with me looking confused and if not a little bemused.  Do I really have a style and if so is it so obvious?

For a start I do quite a bit of straight digital painting (no photography in these images)



Sometimes the digital painting is  a little abstract !


Okay, I know that I am associated with green images …… but I do do other colours and genres even fine art nudes in mono.



I’ve even been known to do the odd nature picture !


I enjoy producing straight portraits – of beautiful ladies and gentlemen








And as I love to travel – I find time to take pictures from around the world


I suppose my main passion is producing creative edits – and these can take many forms from “almost straight” to extremely painterly 🙂



Would these painterly pictures do well in BPE/FIAP competitions…… I very much doubt it.





Sometimes I have been know to be surreal…





So…..looking through some of the images I have produced over the last few months I really don’t see a style – but as I am always told that I have one and its VERY recognisable I must be missing something !




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