Being Creative

When I have given my talks at photo/camera clubs over the years I have often heard the following “I really like what you do……. but its not proper photography is it ?”. Producing images for competition that are creative  seems to come with the “only does creative pictures because she/he can’t take a proper picture”label.  This always makes me smile because every element of the picture started out as a photograph. Bringing up this subject is like opening a can of worms but hey…..  photography should be fun and how you achieve your personal end results is truly up to you.  So I will say it now  I AM A CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHER AND I AM PROUD OF THAT FACT !


There are many of my images that fall into the creative pile….. but every singe one of them started out as a photograph  – thought I would highlight a few of them

Cloak 1

Fredau 1

Alien 1


High Flyer

The Glums


One response to “Being Creative

  1. Hi Joan I am with you 100%. I know a few people who think I fall into the category – that just because I do a lot of creative photography, they do not see me as a “good” photographer, even though I see have had success with “straight” photographs. tI use to upset me, but someone said to me that they are probably only jealous because they do not have creative skills. I hold onto the thought now. HAILl the creative PHOTOGRAPHER.


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