Portraiture And Me !

If you asked what type of images I produce the people who know me (or more accurately) the people who are aware of my work, would say I was a “creative’ – someone who makes montage/composite images.


Which to a great extent is true !

However, I have always loved portraiture and have found myself lately concentrating more and more on this genre


Steph ballet 1   steph ballet 3


Fine Art Nudes and models in costume are also a favourite of mine !

Sienna 1 s2

I have been mostly working in my studio and also latterly on location (sharing studios with very talented photographers and designers).

portia 4  Portia mono


I have also enjoyed working with some lovely models … so, thought I would put a selection together of some of the images for you to have a peep at.

Natasha 1a Natasha 6

Amber 1 Amber 2

Ariel 5   Ariel 1

Pip 4  2

Misuzu 1 Misuzu 4

kira 1 Stacey 1a

Stephanie outside 1 Stephanie Outside 3b


… but let’s end with something a bit creative 😉




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