More From The Studio Day

Yesterday all of the elements came together to enable me to produce some pictures I have been desperate to produce for many MANY months !

In order that I could achieve the images I had in my mind  the conditions had to be “right” – not too windy, not too calm, not too wet, not too boggy underfoot, not too overcast…. yeah you get the idea.

I also wanted bluebells because it complimented the material… so you can imagine how long I have waited !

But yesterday was just right and I got my outside shots.  Here are a few that I have processed and there a lots more waiting to be worked on.

I also had the opportunity of photographing Stephanie in the studio too and the resulting portraits were equally as pleasing.

Thanks British weather- especially the lovely breeze and the equally lovely  Stephanie 🙂

Steph Portrait 2

Stephanie outside 1

Inner Jellyfish

Steph Parachute 1


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