More Cuba… Well Just Havana At The Moment….

Sitting here processing some more Cuba pictures whilst listening to the Buena Vista Social Club singing Chan Chan,  a song we heard every day in Cuba – and if they didn’t play it John and I slipped them a couple of CUC’s and requested they did  ….. which they always did.

Here are a few pictures that give a flavour of the back streets of Havana – but you need to be listening to the above track too 🙂

Cuba Stree 2

Cuba Street 1

Cuba street 3


Cuba Street 4

Havana was magical and I am already thinking about planning a return trip

One response to “More Cuba… Well Just Havana At The Moment….

  1. Hello Joan I enjoy all your blogs, Purpleport and Flickr uploads. Fantastic work. I have a question please. I registered an interest in travelling with photographer Lee Frost to go to Cuba this year, but in the end I thought the cost he was asking was too expensive. So I have been investigating a DIY trip to Cuba. Clearly you have really enjoyed your trips and I wanted to ask you who you used to organise your flights and accommodation and did you stay in Havana or venture further afield ? Thanks so much Joan. Graham Argent

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