First Set Of Images – 2016 Project

Because I am so thrilled with the first set of images from the 2016 project I thought I would put them onto my website for you to have a quick peek at.  The model was the very delightful Stephanie Dubois and the make up artist was the very talented and equally lovely Melanie Doyle.

Queen Of The Night

Queen Of The Night

Stephanie (with the aid of Melanie and various costume changes) was perfect for the various images. I have spent many a month putting the costumes together and planning the shoot but its only when you see it all come together right in front of your eyes (and lens) that all the hard work  makes sense.

Reina de las Flores

Reina de las Flores

Steph 2b

Steph 4I

Much more of Stephanie to come and other themes and models lined up in the coming weeks – woo hoo 🙂

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