2016 Project Now Underway !!

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together… I know I do!

behind the screen

Today I have worked with 2 very talented ladies – Melanie Doyle (MUA) and Stephanie Dubois (Model) to bring into reality what has been living in my head for the past few months.

It’s so wonderful that everything I have created looked absolutely stunning on Stephanie – we had lined her up for just one “look”  but as we quickly realised how photogenic and versitile she was she ended up doing at least 3 other costume changes, and I have to say that each one was more beautiful than the one before.


Here are a couple of snippets from the day – Melanie and I are now working towards filling a Gallery with our photographic “efforts”.  Stephanie was the first of a number of models lined up for the project ……. but she will return in another guise quite soon 🙂

Steph 1a

Steph 2a



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