New Project For 2016 Underway

This time last year I was up to my eyes in beads, silk, lace, pearls, feathers and corsets designing and making the costumes for the Manor House Costume Shoot.

Languishing Ladies

I enjoyed sourcing the various materials and spent many a happy hour sewing and or sticking everything together to achieve the desired look.


This year I am working on a solo project which will probably take me a lot longer to put together than the Manor House Costume Shoot – but I have to say I am really excited about the whole thing.


Again,  I have spent many hours searching the Internet for the various bits and pieces that I will need.  Yesterday I actually began to put things together and I have posted below a picture of the first of many (MANY) paper flowers  that I will need to make for the 2016 photographic project.  I had never made paper flowers before so unfortunately to begin with there were lots of  failures ….. but after lots of trial and error I seem to have got the hang of it now. Just another new skill that I had to learn….

Paper Flowers

Hopefully, I will keep a photographic diary of how I am progressing and I cordially invite you to share the journey with me . Why not hit the FOLLOW button on the top right of this post 🙂


5 responses to “New Project For 2016 Underway

  1. Joan, I’m am quite artistic if you need help making certain items let me know and I can send a pic of things I have made previously to see if they are the kind of thing you are after. Not sure what you project is but I’m sure if I can make flowers out of icing I can make them out of paper. See photos that I will PM you with


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