Costume Shoot March 2015

This picture is from the Costume Workshop which took place in March this year – where has the year gone?

Two Girls


I haven’t done anything with the pictures…. in fact, I only took a few pictures throughout the whole weekend (it was a two day shoot)

But, as its cold and rainy outside, I have been on an editing spree and have been looking back at photoshoots from the last 18 months to see which pictures could do with a “twiddle or two”

Even though I personally haven’t used any of the pictures in competition, its so gratifying to see that others who attended the shoot have had  a lot of success with the pictures they took on the day (in one case winning a prestigious gold medal). The models and their costumes helped to inspire the wonderful images they produced.

I am going to get the costumes (and wigs) out again next year so…. if you are interested in having some photographic  fun……. there’s a form below 🙂

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