Digital Portraits – Carolina

For a couple of months now I have been concentrating on improving my Corel Painting skills and as I have had quite a few emails from friends asking me “why I am being so quiet” (Facebook wise) I thought I would post my latest doodlings.

Portrait Of Caroline


I feel that this picture really takes me full circle – from when I started……. painting and drawing at life classes….. then discovering my love of photography… and eventually pushing my photographic boundaries  forward learning how to use Photoshop to enhance my images.

For a while now I have been learning how to use Corel Painter – looking back I started playing with Corel about 5  or more years ago but never “stuck with it” and I think that’s where I went wrong, you have to stick with it. On the whole I have found Corel Painter to be  very frustrating at times but (when it all goes well) wonderfully rewarding too. So I am thrilled to report that after many hours of practice and numerous Youtube Tutorials etc I can finally see some kind of progress.

The above painting started out as a photograph of the very beautiful Carolina (I photographed her earlier this year) and then was turned into this portrait entirely by hand painting (I didn’t use auto painting)

Hopefully I will continue to improve and I will share my progress 🙂


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