Textures That Tantalise !

For quite a while now I have enjoyed playing with textures and overlaying them onto “conventional” images. However, just lately I seem to be producing textured pictures just featuring the texture itself and very little else.


Blue Horizon

I love overlaying textures, using various Photoshop tools, a bit (and only a bit) of digital painting  and finally utilising various blending modes  to create something a bit different


The textures are overlaid in random ways but when you look at the pictures you start to see images contained within…. is it really there or is it your imagination  🙂


For more info about my textured images please fill in the contact form below

2 responses to “Textures That Tantalise !

  1. These are truly a work of art, even if you cannot see an actual story to the images themselves are just beautiful

    Thank you, Joan for sending these to me


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