Model Day Madness !!!

Wednesday found Melanie, Jess and myself pushing the boundaries of normality.

We started off with a serene set of images featuring the very beautiful Jess smothered in layers of silky black material.

Melianie’s wonderful handiwork was awesome and she magically transformed Jess into the vision of loveliness pictured below

Jess 1

After the serene set of images we rushed downstairs from my studio (had lunch – obviously) and then Melanie (with much excitement) pushed the “out of this world” button and produced a stunning vision of loveliness (admittedly Jess did have the air of alien about her).

 Sometimes I have ideas on how something is going to look, but for what ever reason, it fails to live up to my expectations…. but not this time . I was so thrilled with how Jess looked –  it was exactly what I had been hoping for and isn’t it a wonderful feeling when a plan comes together 🙂 Melanie and I had discussed the shoot for weeks …. Jess was totally unaware of what was going to happen !! But she loved the experience and couldn’t help taking a selfie !

Jess selfie

Then back to the studio for more photographic fun 🙂

Jess Portrait 2 copy

Next Tuesday finds me off on my travels to work with a photographic friend on some more exciting images – this time with a medieval twist ….. amongst other things !   Watch this space 🙂


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