2nd of the Tantalising Textures Workshops


The 2nd of the Tantalising Textures Workshops took place today and I have to say that it has been a pleasure working with all of the people who attended  today and the first workshop held in April.

My aim is to help people to produce textured images from beginning to end.

The workshop starts off by the delegates heading out (not very far) to find and photograph various subject matter and then coming back to learn how to process them to turn them into workable textures.

Remembering Summer

I have numerous items for the delegates to photograph and everyone seems to really enjoy this part – next its a matter of choosing which subject matter  goes with what texture – always the tricky part !

After that, I demonstrate to the  group how to put all of the elements together  to enable them to achieve their very own textured image – and its fantastic to see how quickly they pick up the process.

I have really enjoyed these workshops and I am planning more starting in June – if you want more information please fill in the contact form below

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