Girls With Pearls

I absolutely love creating textured pictures and I have spent a very pleasant hour today putting this picture together.



I am going to call it “Girls With Pearls” and it was a photograph I took at the recent Manor House Costume Shoot which took place in March. The problem with organising these events is that you don’t get much chance to take photographs …. but I managed to take one or two, and this is one of them.

I also enjoy showing people how I achieve these images …. nothing secret…..and very easy to do, you just need the right picture, the right texture and lots and LOTS of practice.

2 responses to “Girls With Pearls

  1. Lovely image and really like how you have produced the delicate effect.

    I have attended a tantalizing textures workshop with you and I learned such a lot. I feel another one to be able to develop images further would be good.
    If you decide to do this could you let me know, please Joan.


    Sandra (Walker)


    • That’ s very kind Sandra and yes I will be doing other Tantalising Texture Workshops helping those who have been on a previous workshop develop their skills. Watch this space 🙂


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