FINE ART NUDE Model Shoot Sunday 14th June


After the success of the Manor House Costume Shoot Joan and Marie are pleased to announce another spectacular photographic shoot.

On Sunday 14th June there will be 2 fantastic Fine Art Nude models to photograph in a studio (north of Manchester) environment.

The  models are Fredau and Raphaella who are considered, by many, to be two of the best Fine Art Nude models around at the moment

The photographic session will be split into 2 half day sessions with a maximum of 3 photographers to a model.

If you would like more information before the “official launch” please fill in the contact form below




2 responses to “FINE ART NUDE Model Shoot Sunday 14th June

  1. Hello Jo,

    I attempted to log in interest but some reason it wouldn’t let me wondering if you could send me further details of cost and I’d wear please?.

    Kind regards



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