Being Creative…. It’s What I Do !

Fish 3

I LOVE being creative……….. its what I do !!!

I have found that  Photoshop/Corel Painter are both  fantastic tools  to work with and I am constantly surprised at the results.

In my opinion striving to be creative necessitates the need to learn new things/techniques so thank goodness for Photoshop/Corel Painter (and YouTube !)

Over the years I have learned how to make an existing picture look like an oil painting


A photograph look like a sketch (well half a sketch)



recently I have learn  how to paint straight onto a digital canvas

Modi 2a


over the years I’ve enjoyed I making brushes (and still do) and then doing “stuff” with them…. what fun !!




This year I am going to learn more and push more creative boundaries…. how exciting !!


If you would like to find out more … please contact me using the form below 🙂

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