Busy Busy Busy

Portia Double

Had a great shoot with the very beautiful and talented Portia on Wednesday and had a chance to chat about the upcoming Manor House Costume Shoot – which we both are really looking forward to.

Photographed frogs and butterflies yesterday

Frogs 3

and continued sewing the Manor House shoot costumes today  (been working on them for weeks if not months !)

This weekend on a Fused Glass Workshop and then my friend Marie Otero arrives from America on Monday for a flying fun packed visit .

Photographing a new model on Tuesday with Marie and Robert and then another shoot with Portia and Jess on Wednesday when we can get them to try on the costumes for the first time – Super excited Woo Hoo !!

A big THANKS to everyone who was contacted me personally with all their positive vibes – thanks folks its much appreciated 🙂

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