As it’s the time of year to look back….. I have found that I have looked back to 2012 and the images I was producing in that year.

It’s really surprising to see what I was doing in 2012 and what I am producing now – I have to say it’s still painterly and still on the surreal side.

I have always appreciated the weird and wonderful and remember how much I enjoyed putting together the headless man and the giraffes – it lead to a number of other images that were equally wild & wacky.

In 2014 I have still enjoyed painting with pixels….. but 2015 is going to see me return to the FINE ART NUDE which I have neglected for a while now.

I am really excited at what is in the pipeline for 2015 and will be able to tell you more about it early next year…… lets just say its going to be FANTASTIC !!


The Yearning

Ophelia's dreaming


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