More Travelling With My Camera



So John and I were travelling for just over three weeks and we visited some wonderful places.

One of the nicest Cities we visited was Quebec and great to see the various decorations for the up coming Halloween celebrations. Above is one of them …… taken with…. yes you’ve guessed it – my new Sony RX100111 – AKA Snappy.

Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t show how cold and VERY VERY windy it was. The trip round the city was very interesting and started out with 14 people but ended up with just 4 !

We were  toasty warm having packed thick coats, hats and boots – unfortunately most of the other visitors on the trip were from warmer climates and hadn’t pack any warm clothes at all … not even a coat – therefore they scuttled back to the warmth. They missed a great tour.

In Halifax (Nova Scotia) we visited the Titanic Museum and then the final resting place of the people who tragically died on that dreadful maiden voyage. It was shocking to learn that a very high proportion of the first class passengers survived whilst  high number of gentlemen in second class lost their lives. Most shocking of all was that almost all of the crew died,  just a handful survived – what a dreadful waste of life.

When we were making our way back to the ship (yes I know…. ) we had just visited a museum about the Titanic and now we were going back to our ship and the worse thing was that we had just heard the weather forecast was for severe gales…… eekkkkk,

I happened to pass this statue on our way back to the harbour and it reminded me of a picture I put together a few years ago and which has done very well in various International photographic exhibitions.

I wasn’t aware of this statue until we walked passed it – just shows there are not new ideas in photography (or art).



High Flyer

Finally a Pano as we sailed into New York harbour – which, I have to say, was breathtaking and the start of a couple of exciting days in the big apple.

New York

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