Digital Dabblings (Revisited)

A few years ago I “had bit of a dabble” with digital painting and discovered that I really enjoyed it.  I even produced  a number of painterly pictures that I was quite pleased with. However, at that time I was also learning Photoshop so  something had to give – and it was the digital painting that lost out and its taken me a little while to get back to relearning  digital painting again.

Having come to a photographic cross roads (again !) I have decided that I want to get back to producing more painterly pictures (as I say in the About introduction to this website) I really enjoy blurring the boundaries of photography and art. So I am starting again from scratch and learning digital painting all over again.

Like most people, I like to learn new things…… as long as its art based and is linked to my beloved photography …   So……….Wacom pen in hand, computer fired up and ready to go, large cup of steaming hot coffee on my desk….. deep breath……. off we go…..


Bowl Of Pink Flowers


bluebell 1

Bowl Of yellow Flowers

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